Monday, 12 March 2012


It had been really a long time
since i last updated my blog
so here i am posting this up to update those who read my blog :)

so about 2 weeks back
i went to sunway to meet up with my dear D111 mates <3
this is the group of people
who gives me a really good memory throughout my 2 years plus life in sunway
although we did experienced some problems in between
we still end up being together as a group
at least, i always think that way :)

i know i'm lucky enough to know every single of you
and i really cherished you all
despite some unhappiness that happened before
i'm really sorry if i had done anything that makes you feel unpleasant

when will be the next gathering of complete D111 members?
i don't know ..
maybe soon, maybe not so soon ..
if got fate, we'll meet up soon right?
i always believe that :)

on top of that
nothing much to update actually
because i don't think there is anything special needed me to mention here
just sometimes when i feel like to write
i don't have time
and when i have plenty of time
i don't actually have any feeling to write
yea maybe it is

for those who is very concern about my employment status
thank you for your concern
when the time comes, i'll definitely announce the good news
just don't add on any more stress to me k?
appreciated for the understanding :)

love to think a lot recently
and making me emo at the same time
doesn't seem to be a good habit anyway

i'll be fine, soon!
and i'll get rid of you, soon, too!

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