Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Good news :)

Quote from my friend Rachel
good things come to those who wait
and so i'm here to announce the good news!

YES i'm officially employed now! :D

actually, i get to know this news about 11 days back
but i feel insecure when the offer letter haven't reach my house
and reluctant to share this good news to my friend
unless  they come forward and ask
so don't be angry if i didn't tell you about this earlier k?
now you know already, isn't it?
late is better than don't know anything right? :P

feel so relieved right now
at least, i won't feel so emo and pek cek
every time people asking me when am i going to work
it's really stressed and annoyed when all these questions come to you
but never mind, now i've an answer for them :)

out of sudden, i feel that time really flies so fast
about 5 weeks later
i'm going to enter into another chapter of my life
with all upcoming challenges which i cannot expect -  all alone and by myself
sounds really scary and i know it would not be easy
anyhow i'll always do my best to cope with it
and i know you all will definitely support me, right? ^^

gotta do some shopping in the coming days
hopefully got the chance to go to malacca to hunt for my formal clothes :P
you know we don't really have much choices in bp -.-
and most importantly is to get a nice safe cheap rooms nearby the offices!

daddy's birthday is coming soon
still thinking of should i buy him a present since i'm still spending his money right now :/
or should i just wait until father's day
as i'll be having my own income at that point of time
dilemma indeed >_<
anyone any idea please?

went out almost half a day with mummy today
watching the movie 《3x troubles》 whereby the whole theater only got 2 of us
it's a bit scary
but not that every time we can have this experience, isn't it? :P
pity the cinema is going to make a loss by just having to open the theater for only 2 customers xD

mummy, thanks for everything you did <3
i know you really dote on me a lot ^_^

Let's enjoy the rest of the holidays to the max!! :)

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  1. sis...
    seldom saw ur post.....
    but wish u happy happy...
    keep ur beautiful smile o!