Monday, 27 February 2012

Bon Voyage~ :)

one of my close friend - Hui Xian
is on her flight to Korea now
and this post was supposed to be updated by me
before i go to kL and penang
but somehow it was being delayed
sorry, friend! :(

this is how times flies i supposed
having been known to each other since 2003
9 years of friendship
it's not easy that we can still get close now
since we're pursuing our studies in different field, in different uni
and i really appreciate you as my friend
who will be always there to support me
whenever i feel down
THANK YOU, dear! ♥ 

it's really nice to have such an opportunity
to go to a foreign country
to learn about their cultures and life
although we're 4000km apart now
( i mean when you see the blog post )
we will always give you our support here in Malaysia!!
so anything just update us through facebook ok?

last but not least
good luck n all the best over there!
remember to take tons of photo and show to us when we meet up ya!
and don't forget about out souvenirs!!
just kidding :P

Bon Voyage my dear friend :)
i'll definitely miss you a lot..

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