Saturday, 1 September 2012


It had been a really long time
since i last update my blog
time flies indeed
the last post i have here is talking about the good news that i'm being employed
and now i had actually worked for 4 months

somehow i think circumstances will make one person change
and i do not want to deny that
i have changed, somehow in somewhere
as time passed by
whether i want it or not
because it is BEYOND MY CONTROL

staying whole day alone at home
thinking of reading a nice book in the afternoon
but somehow the hot weather and the noise caused by the renovation work nearby
kill my mood to do so
or maybe i should admit, i'm lazy, or being too demotivated to do so

don't ask me what happen to me
because i don't know how to answer
or anyone can actually tell me the answer?

had always be wanted to be who i really am in front of everyone
but somehow i'm no longer doing that
since when?
i don't know either
wanted to update a facebook also status need to think this and that
i feel so lost

sometimes when i am emo
i just don't feel like to say anything
put on my earphones
and on the volume to the max
and let myself to be in my own world

i hope and pray
the Li Ling with so much positive energy will be back in September!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Good news :)

Quote from my friend Rachel
good things come to those who wait
and so i'm here to announce the good news!

YES i'm officially employed now! :D

actually, i get to know this news about 11 days back
but i feel insecure when the offer letter haven't reach my house
and reluctant to share this good news to my friend
unless  they come forward and ask
so don't be angry if i didn't tell you about this earlier k?
now you know already, isn't it?
late is better than don't know anything right? :P

feel so relieved right now
at least, i won't feel so emo and pek cek
every time people asking me when am i going to work
it's really stressed and annoyed when all these questions come to you
but never mind, now i've an answer for them :)

out of sudden, i feel that time really flies so fast
about 5 weeks later
i'm going to enter into another chapter of my life
with all upcoming challenges which i cannot expect -  all alone and by myself
sounds really scary and i know it would not be easy
anyhow i'll always do my best to cope with it
and i know you all will definitely support me, right? ^^

gotta do some shopping in the coming days
hopefully got the chance to go to malacca to hunt for my formal clothes :P
you know we don't really have much choices in bp -.-
and most importantly is to get a nice safe cheap rooms nearby the offices!

daddy's birthday is coming soon
still thinking of should i buy him a present since i'm still spending his money right now :/
or should i just wait until father's day
as i'll be having my own income at that point of time
dilemma indeed >_<
anyone any idea please?

went out almost half a day with mummy today
watching the movie 《3x troubles》 whereby the whole theater only got 2 of us
it's a bit scary
but not that every time we can have this experience, isn't it? :P
pity the cinema is going to make a loss by just having to open the theater for only 2 customers xD

mummy, thanks for everything you did <3
i know you really dote on me a lot ^_^

Let's enjoy the rest of the holidays to the max!! :)

Monday, 12 March 2012


It had been really a long time
since i last updated my blog
so here i am posting this up to update those who read my blog :)

so about 2 weeks back
i went to sunway to meet up with my dear D111 mates <3
this is the group of people
who gives me a really good memory throughout my 2 years plus life in sunway
although we did experienced some problems in between
we still end up being together as a group
at least, i always think that way :)

i know i'm lucky enough to know every single of you
and i really cherished you all
despite some unhappiness that happened before
i'm really sorry if i had done anything that makes you feel unpleasant

when will be the next gathering of complete D111 members?
i don't know ..
maybe soon, maybe not so soon ..
if got fate, we'll meet up soon right?
i always believe that :)

on top of that
nothing much to update actually
because i don't think there is anything special needed me to mention here
just sometimes when i feel like to write
i don't have time
and when i have plenty of time
i don't actually have any feeling to write
yea maybe it is

for those who is very concern about my employment status
thank you for your concern
when the time comes, i'll definitely announce the good news
just don't add on any more stress to me k?
appreciated for the understanding :)

love to think a lot recently
and making me emo at the same time
doesn't seem to be a good habit anyway

i'll be fine, soon!
and i'll get rid of you, soon, too!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Bon Voyage~ :)

one of my close friend - Hui Xian
is on her flight to Korea now
and this post was supposed to be updated by me
before i go to kL and penang
but somehow it was being delayed
sorry, friend! :(

this is how times flies i supposed
having been known to each other since 2003
9 years of friendship
it's not easy that we can still get close now
since we're pursuing our studies in different field, in different uni
and i really appreciate you as my friend
who will be always there to support me
whenever i feel down
THANK YOU, dear! ♥ 

it's really nice to have such an opportunity
to go to a foreign country
to learn about their cultures and life
although we're 4000km apart now
( i mean when you see the blog post )
we will always give you our support here in Malaysia!!
so anything just update us through facebook ok?

last but not least
good luck n all the best over there!
remember to take tons of photo and show to us when we meet up ya!
and don't forget about out souvenirs!!
just kidding :P

Bon Voyage my dear friend :)
i'll definitely miss you a lot..

Friday, 17 February 2012

Indications from God ..?

received call from my dream firm this afternoon
so excited when i saw the number!
they called me, after 5 days i submit my application!!
my heartbeat was super fast when i talked to the HR people

but my mood become down when the conversation end
because i think that i screwed it up
when the lady told me
"i will contact you later on"

failing audit paper means i'm not so strong in audit?
this maybe true but i do have a strong interest in audit !!
too bad i didn't tell the lady so
when she threw me this question
no hope on audit line in my dream firm anymore
when i was told audit was full at the moment

anyway i guess i should be thankful
since the lady asked me whether i'm interested in tax
meaning there's still hope for me to work in my dream firm, right? :P
at least i haven't get any rejection e-mail from them at the moment
stay positive, Li Ling!

something just come across my mind
is it that i'm really not suitable to be in the audit line?
since i get the lowest mark for audit in my CAT
and failed my audit paper during ACCA
should i change my target for my career path?
is this phone call an indication from God?

seriously, i don't know >_____<

should i switch to tax?
since i always score the highest for my tax paper
be it in CAT or ACCA
since advisory is a BIG X for me
as they requires candidates of strong academic records

i feel lost and so restless
especially when i heard that the other big 2 also got not much vacancy in audit line
meaning i need to be continue to be unemployed?
 OH NO !! :(

i know i need to stay positive and always hope for the best
law of attraction - faster attract a good job to me! xD
hope that being an ACCA affiliate
can bring me a permanent job asap!
*praying hard for good news* :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finally.. ;)

just about 24 hours ago
is the day whereby my acca results was released
and the kind of waiting is torturing
when all your friends had already got their e-mail from acca
and your mail box does not have any new incoming e-mail

and so finally at 1.15pm
i got my e-mail from acca
Thanks God it was a good news!!

reading the sentences of
"Congratulations on completing ACCA's examinations. You are now an ACCA Affiliate"
really made so so so happy!! :D

after 3 years and 6 months
i've completed my CAT and ACCA journey!! ;)

thanks to the person who advised me to take this path
*you know who you are* :P
thanks to all my lecturers who guide me along the way
thanks to my parents who always give me support
thanks to all my friends who always encourage me whenever i feel down


gonna enter into another chapter of my life soon
i'm nervous about it but looking forward at the same time!! :P
hopefully job hunting will go well and i'll be able to share the good news here soon!!
Wish me good luck k? ;P

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hello, Singapore!

so, finally i went to singapore with my friend
for the very FIRST time of my life
Special thanks to JiaYun(JY) for being the tour guide of the trip
and i really enjoyed this food trip! ♥

the 1st stop we went in Singapore is the Koi Cafe which is situated at Illuma
It is one the the best selling bubble tea in  Singapore i guess
as it's normal for us to see people lining up just to have a cup of it

JY suggests me to try out their Macchiato series
as she thinks that it is the unique part of Koi as compared to others
and so, i tried the green tea macchiato on the 1st day
and i fall in love with the milky part of the tea :P

remember i mention that it is different from others?
here is the special part - the way we consume macchiato~

we don't actually use straw to drink but we drink it straight from the opening we made on the plastic cover that we cut using the plastic blade given
a new great experience indeed :)

after that we went to a temple nearby bugis
it was crowded there, a true "people mountain people sea" xD
n i love the photo of the flower we bought
simply because it seems to have the effect of using a professional DSLR camera :P

i just love this photo! ^^v

no photo taking is allowed inside the temple so only have the photo of its surroundings~ :)

the journey continues to the nearby bakery - Barcook Bakery
in which its raisin bread is strongly recommended by JY as a must try
it really tastes nice and i will definitely buy for my family and friends next time i visited there! :)
and i heard its cakes are nice too
Dear mango passion, i'm going to try you out next round!

taken at Bugis Street

Tea time! :D
i love the eggs toppings on the takoyaki, yummy ^^
and it was a bit different from what i eat at bp~

our dinner at Sho Teppan at Ion
another great new experience of dipping the meat into the egg before and after putting the slice meat into the hot soup

so this is roughly about my Day 1 in Singapore
It is really a shopping heaven for me
if and only i i'm earning $Dollar
who knows i might be working there soon, isn't it? :P

writing off now and will continue my 2nd day on the next blog post!
stay tuned :D

Monday, 6 February 2012


well, for those taking ACCA
you would know what do i mean by just looking at the title
YES, our dear results is going to be released soon in 7 days and 11 hours!!
*oopps, seven eleven! :P

8 weeks after the finals
we are going to see whether our effort had been paid off in the result slip
NERVOUS, very nervous

looking back at the very last week before finals
i put all my attention to study for the exam
and can you imagine that i spent more than 12 hours in library everyday?
although not that i am very focus very minute ><
i had done my best before that and also during the exam!!

i think i did better than the 1st attempt
but i can't guarantee how the result is going to be
gotta pray really hard in the next 7 days
and please, no more nightmares for me!!
i just wanna have a better quality of sleep, can i ?

by the way
heard the news that my cousin sister had got a job in kL and gotta to start work soon
*even though i don't think you would have the chance to see this post
wishing you all the best in everything you're doing! :)

stress level start to going up
as my cousin sister is 1 year  younger than me and she had got her diploma and now got a job!
how can i not feeling anything right?


anyway, staying positive is the best way to deal with all the stress and pressure
i hope and pray that it would be a good news waiting for me
and my life would be just like the fire crackers
shining in the dark, beautifully

i believe i can fly ~

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Dragon Year ! :D

so it's year of dragon now
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!! :D
i know it's a little bit late since today is the 6th day of cny
but it's still better than nothing right? :P

well it was the 1st time
taking family photo at grandma's house on the 1st day of cny
but i believe it would be a tradition whereby we will take it every year starting from this year!! :)

family photo with grandma! :) i'll make sure i print it out and keep it in my purse! :)

P.S. > it was sooooooo hard to take a photo with my brother.. ><

Steamboat-ing at my 1st uncle house on the 1st night of dragon year! :)

went to visit relative's house as per usual
and i was lucky enough as i didn't kena much standard question this year
as my elder cousins are the ones who kena question like " when wanna get a bf / gf "
gotta pray hard i get one before them or else i'll be the target soon!! >_<

having a lot of fun when stick with little cousins recently
i can really be myself being with them
they feel contented and happy easily
how nice to be a kids, right?
n i found that teasing kids is fun as well !! *evil smile* xD

a lot to say actually
but don't know how to start
so maybe i'll update more on the next post.. :P

last but not least
wishing everyone a great great year ahead !! :D

P.S. 从电视上看到说肖马今年的事业运有5颗星噢!! 那么就让我早日找到工作吧 ^^
龙年一定要发发发!! :D

Friday, 13 January 2012


i guess everyone have their own dreams
deep down in their heart
and once upon a time
praying and hoping that those dreams will come true
BUT here is a question
how many of them actually walk their talk and realize those dreams?


when i was a teenager
i heard people telling me that going into local university is kind of a great achievement
and somehow i study hard and wish that i'll be one of those who can achieve that
so that my parents will feel proud of me
as they always do
since i was small


life is always unpredictable
so do is my journey after secondary school
i did not continue my study either to Form 6 or other equivalent pre-u courses
instead, i take CAT and ACCA
stepping into a career path of being an accountant
or now to be more specifically, an auditor of one of the big accounting firms in the world
i should admit, i dream BIG
really really big


but in reality, it wasn't as easy as i thought
after a few failures and rejections happened in my life
i started to shake
i don't know, whether my dreams are still achievable?
am i really have the criteria to become an auditor?
i started to doubt my own ability
i lost all the confidence that i used to have


somehow after watching the movie <Already Famous>
i think it was me who wasn't firm enough to get what i want
if not, no matter what happened
it shouldn't be frightening me

just like the female lead in the movie - Lee Kar Kiao, aka Ah Kiao
desired to be a star in the television although in reality she is only a sales girl who sells television
i really admire her determination along the way to achieve her dreams
and i guess this is what i should learn
just like how one of the episode song of the movie sings
(p.s. don't give up, i'll never give up)

i shouldn't be giving up
if it's really what i want
i want my dreams to be realized
and i know i can do it !!