Saturday, 1 September 2012


It had been a really long time
since i last update my blog
time flies indeed
the last post i have here is talking about the good news that i'm being employed
and now i had actually worked for 4 months

somehow i think circumstances will make one person change
and i do not want to deny that
i have changed, somehow in somewhere
as time passed by
whether i want it or not
because it is BEYOND MY CONTROL

staying whole day alone at home
thinking of reading a nice book in the afternoon
but somehow the hot weather and the noise caused by the renovation work nearby
kill my mood to do so
or maybe i should admit, i'm lazy, or being too demotivated to do so

don't ask me what happen to me
because i don't know how to answer
or anyone can actually tell me the answer?

had always be wanted to be who i really am in front of everyone
but somehow i'm no longer doing that
since when?
i don't know either
wanted to update a facebook also status need to think this and that
i feel so lost

sometimes when i am emo
i just don't feel like to say anything
put on my earphones
and on the volume to the max
and let myself to be in my own world

i hope and pray
the Li Ling with so much positive energy will be back in September!

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