Friday, 17 February 2012

Indications from God ..?

received call from my dream firm this afternoon
so excited when i saw the number!
they called me, after 5 days i submit my application!!
my heartbeat was super fast when i talked to the HR people

but my mood become down when the conversation end
because i think that i screwed it up
when the lady told me
"i will contact you later on"

failing audit paper means i'm not so strong in audit?
this maybe true but i do have a strong interest in audit !!
too bad i didn't tell the lady so
when she threw me this question
no hope on audit line in my dream firm anymore
when i was told audit was full at the moment

anyway i guess i should be thankful
since the lady asked me whether i'm interested in tax
meaning there's still hope for me to work in my dream firm, right? :P
at least i haven't get any rejection e-mail from them at the moment
stay positive, Li Ling!

something just come across my mind
is it that i'm really not suitable to be in the audit line?
since i get the lowest mark for audit in my CAT
and failed my audit paper during ACCA
should i change my target for my career path?
is this phone call an indication from God?

seriously, i don't know >_____<

should i switch to tax?
since i always score the highest for my tax paper
be it in CAT or ACCA
since advisory is a BIG X for me
as they requires candidates of strong academic records

i feel lost and so restless
especially when i heard that the other big 2 also got not much vacancy in audit line
meaning i need to be continue to be unemployed?
 OH NO !! :(

i know i need to stay positive and always hope for the best
law of attraction - faster attract a good job to me! xD
hope that being an ACCA affiliate
can bring me a permanent job asap!
*praying hard for good news* :)

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  1. wish u all the best ya sis..
    treat us when u gt the job u want..
    celebrate together ma..
    stay positive..