Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finally.. ;)

just about 24 hours ago
is the day whereby my acca results was released
and the kind of waiting is torturing
when all your friends had already got their e-mail from acca
and your mail box does not have any new incoming e-mail

and so finally at 1.15pm
i got my e-mail from acca
Thanks God it was a good news!!

reading the sentences of
"Congratulations on completing ACCA's examinations. You are now an ACCA Affiliate"
really made so so so happy!! :D

after 3 years and 6 months
i've completed my CAT and ACCA journey!! ;)

thanks to the person who advised me to take this path
*you know who you are* :P
thanks to all my lecturers who guide me along the way
thanks to my parents who always give me support
thanks to all my friends who always encourage me whenever i feel down


gonna enter into another chapter of my life soon
i'm nervous about it but looking forward at the same time!! :P
hopefully job hunting will go well and i'll be able to share the good news here soon!!
Wish me good luck k? ;P

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