Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hello, Singapore!

so, finally i went to singapore with my friend
for the very FIRST time of my life
Special thanks to JiaYun(JY) for being the tour guide of the trip
and i really enjoyed this food trip! ♥

the 1st stop we went in Singapore is the Koi Cafe which is situated at Illuma
It is one the the best selling bubble tea in  Singapore i guess
as it's normal for us to see people lining up just to have a cup of it

JY suggests me to try out their Macchiato series
as she thinks that it is the unique part of Koi as compared to others
and so, i tried the green tea macchiato on the 1st day
and i fall in love with the milky part of the tea :P

remember i mention that it is different from others?
here is the special part - the way we consume macchiato~

we don't actually use straw to drink but we drink it straight from the opening we made on the plastic cover that we cut using the plastic blade given
a new great experience indeed :)

after that we went to a temple nearby bugis
it was crowded there, a true "people mountain people sea" xD
n i love the photo of the flower we bought
simply because it seems to have the effect of using a professional DSLR camera :P

i just love this photo! ^^v

no photo taking is allowed inside the temple so only have the photo of its surroundings~ :)

the journey continues to the nearby bakery - Barcook Bakery
in which its raisin bread is strongly recommended by JY as a must try
it really tastes nice and i will definitely buy for my family and friends next time i visited there! :)
and i heard its cakes are nice too
Dear mango passion, i'm going to try you out next round!

taken at Bugis Street

Tea time! :D
i love the eggs toppings on the takoyaki, yummy ^^
and it was a bit different from what i eat at bp~

our dinner at Sho Teppan at Ion
another great new experience of dipping the meat into the egg before and after putting the slice meat into the hot soup

so this is roughly about my Day 1 in Singapore
It is really a shopping heaven for me
if and only i i'm earning $Dollar
who knows i might be working there soon, isn't it? :P

writing off now and will continue my 2nd day on the next blog post!
stay tuned :D

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