Monday, 6 February 2012


well, for those taking ACCA
you would know what do i mean by just looking at the title
YES, our dear results is going to be released soon in 7 days and 11 hours!!
*oopps, seven eleven! :P

8 weeks after the finals
we are going to see whether our effort had been paid off in the result slip
NERVOUS, very nervous

looking back at the very last week before finals
i put all my attention to study for the exam
and can you imagine that i spent more than 12 hours in library everyday?
although not that i am very focus very minute ><
i had done my best before that and also during the exam!!

i think i did better than the 1st attempt
but i can't guarantee how the result is going to be
gotta pray really hard in the next 7 days
and please, no more nightmares for me!!
i just wanna have a better quality of sleep, can i ?

by the way
heard the news that my cousin sister had got a job in kL and gotta to start work soon
*even though i don't think you would have the chance to see this post
wishing you all the best in everything you're doing! :)

stress level start to going up
as my cousin sister is 1 year  younger than me and she had got her diploma and now got a job!
how can i not feeling anything right?


anyway, staying positive is the best way to deal with all the stress and pressure
i hope and pray that it would be a good news waiting for me
and my life would be just like the fire crackers
shining in the dark, beautifully

i believe i can fly ~

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