Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Dragon Year ! :D

so it's year of dragon now
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!! :D
i know it's a little bit late since today is the 6th day of cny
but it's still better than nothing right? :P

well it was the 1st time
taking family photo at grandma's house on the 1st day of cny
but i believe it would be a tradition whereby we will take it every year starting from this year!! :)

family photo with grandma! :) i'll make sure i print it out and keep it in my purse! :)

P.S. > it was sooooooo hard to take a photo with my brother.. ><

Steamboat-ing at my 1st uncle house on the 1st night of dragon year! :)

went to visit relative's house as per usual
and i was lucky enough as i didn't kena much standard question this year
as my elder cousins are the ones who kena question like " when wanna get a bf / gf "
gotta pray hard i get one before them or else i'll be the target soon!! >_<

having a lot of fun when stick with little cousins recently
i can really be myself being with them
they feel contented and happy easily
how nice to be a kids, right?
n i found that teasing kids is fun as well !! *evil smile* xD

a lot to say actually
but don't know how to start
so maybe i'll update more on the next post.. :P

last but not least
wishing everyone a great great year ahead !! :D

P.S. 从电视上看到说肖马今年的事业运有5颗星噢!! 那么就让我早日找到工作吧 ^^
龙年一定要发发发!! :D

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